Being a founder is considered a milestone by many. You have finally taken the plunge to make your dreams a reality. Something you have been carefully tossing around in your mind, can now finally be tested against real people.

Is your product idea valuable? Will other people benefit if it becomes a reality? Does your startups existence create any value?

This also gives you immense amount of independence to do whatever you want. You can spend time on talking to users, researching the market or reaching out to people to get 'gyaan'.  In your head, everything does add value to take your product to the elusive PMF. The intentions are right, why won't they be? After all, you are the founder.

But indepedence is also a double-edged sword. A very broad canvas in early stage can lead to lack of focus. You can easily lose time - without seeing any visible movement in key metrics. And since time is always scarce in startups, you need to be miser about it.

Focus on the key metrics you want to move in a week, and ruthlessly prioritise to only take up those tasks which move these metrics. Be realistic, not optimistic.

This is something which I am trying to improve in myself.

Define metrics. Chase them. Reflect what went right/wrong. Iterate.