Working from home is the norm now. I have been working from home since the last 12 days now. Of course, it has it pros. No traffic to conquer in the morning & night. More focused work. But it brings with it its own perils.

One of them is Snacking!

You are at home. You are focusing on work. Isn't it good to take a few breaks in between? It helps you get your focus back. And then you see boxes of cookies or some namkeen lying around - and unmindful you pick some of it. Before you realise, you would have had few such servings. In a week, I was some 2kg above my average weight.

Something needed to be done. I had heard about intermittent fast and seemed interesting enough to try. Also, it reduces the need for the misses to cook food, which is getting more and more arduous in this time of extended lockdown.

Basically, you have food only few hours in a day and fast in the rest. It could be 16-8 (fast for 16 hrs and eat for 8 hrs) or 14-10 or any other split which suits you. Here's a good blog describing this.

Currently, I am doing 16-8. Eating only from 12 noon to 8pm with two meals and one light snack in the evening. I have lost 0.7 kg in last 3 days. Will keep you posted how it goes.