Today office provides you as a way to earn money and also as a social circle of people. That is why HR department of companies invest so much in fun activities like games, team building exercises, in office yoga etc.

In way, office is bundling multiple things - not just work. Its an all-in-one package of work, source to earn money, social circle, friends, etc.

But in the process you lose flexibility.

You are stuck with the colleagues you have, their intellectual levels and their interests

Many people stick to a particular job, which may not be the highest paying as they have found a good set of friends or colleagues

But with the growth of internet and cooridnation costs getting lower - (whatsapp makes meetup planning lot easier, easy availablity of information available on what event is happening where) - this is set to be unbundled. Some companies are now looking to remote jobs as a way to access talent which would otherwise not be accessible to them. Gitlab is a pioneering example of this. They have set up a process on hiring remote people and actively promote remote jobs. Here's their Remote Manifesto.

Of course going to office daily provides you with a set, comfortable routine but it is also stifling.

Now you can do jobs online ( as most work is online anyways - especially in tech) - go to meetups you like (may be Urdu poetry or on art) - and have more meetups with friends at bars/cafes

Though this requires more coordination, it gives you more choice and may be a more optimal value.

You are not stuck with your office colleagues as the only social circle you are part of.