We seldom get bored in today's world. We have mobile on our tips of finger and in any little time we get, we are used to checking something out in it, however irrelevant it may be.

We are addicted to continuous stimulation. Be it an Instagram post, a funny tweet or a WhatsApp forward. Though this prevents us from getting bored, it also prevents us from coming up with something new. Being immerse always in a continuous stream of social media, we behave more like a hive mind.

Of course we have more information on the tips of our finger now, but we don't have time or the patience to assimilate them, form an independent opinion. We just go with pre-chewed morsels of opinions. Thats why its easier to polarise people today. Cambridge Analytica was just an exploitation of this fundamental change in our lives.

Getting bored is good. It gives your brain time to process data and may be come up with interesting conclusions. Combinations which other may not have thought yet. Elon Musk says, his best time of the day is when he is taking a bath. That is when he is bound to not be doing something explicitly (taking bath is more of a muscle memory), and thats when he comes up with many creative ideas.

Don't feel bad about getting bored. Getting bored is good. Let your mind ponder over things. May be something good will come out of it.