I was reading about product positioning today and found this amazing book by April Dunford.

Some of my notes from the book:

  • Often, you're too close to your product to realize that the market doesn't think about it the way you do.
  • Strategy is about making choices, tradeoffs are about deliberately choosing to be different.
  • Even a world class product, poorly positioned, can fail.
  • If your prospects can't figure out what you do - quickly - they will invent a position for you, one that potentially hides your key strength or misrepresents your value.
  • We generally fail to deliberately choose a context as we feel that the context for our product is obvious. It may not be so obvious in the minds of the prospect.

There's also a great video by Basecamp's Ryan Singer on positioning your product. His key message is to position the product based on the situation of the customer which makes him or her buy the product.

Talk on Positioning by Ryan Singer of BaseCamp

Here's  a quick summary of his key message:

What's your product positioning story? Would love to hear.